Lab Pink Sapphire

The Lab Pink Sapphires come under the category of Synthetic Corundums. Lab Created Pink Sapphires are made by a method called Flame Fusion.They are made in such a way that they look like Natural gemstones. These Lab Created gemstones have the same chemical properties of the real stones.
They will have the same hardness, density and appearance like the Natural Pink Sapphire. Only a trained eye can make out the difference between the two.

What Does Lab Pink Sapphire Symbolize?

The Romantic Stone

A most romantic stone, pink sapphires and pink sapphire engagement rings are set to have a massive year in 2019. Colored gemstones are becoming more and more popular, especially as younger generations in the world of entertainment adopt their beauty in their own engagement rings. Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and Blake Lively, to name a few, have all embraced colored gemstone engagement rings. And pink has often been the color of choice, with pink sapphires and pink diamonds topping the list.
Pink sapphires are recognized as having a variety of meanings, symbolizing good fortune, power through hardships, intense love and compassion, and subtle elegance. The vibrant color has become quite popular for engagement rings as many modern weddings trend towards blush and baby pink color schemes.

45th Wedding Anniversary

As this stone symbolizes the wisdom and joy that a couple has attained through the power of longevity, the sapphire stone is often given as a 45th wedding anniversary gift. Pink sapphires offer stunning, contemporary alternatives to the more traditional blue sapphire.

The Zodiac Gem for Virgo / Libra

For those born under the sign of Virgo, the birthstone is Sapphire, a beautiful blue gemstone that symbolizes wisdom, truth, and purity. Sapphire is believed to enhance Virgo's natural analytical abilities and promote mental clarity and focus. It is also said to bring peace and calmness to the wearer, helping Virgo to stay grounded and centered during stressful times.
For Libra, the birthstone is Pink Sapphire, a beautiful pink gemstone that represents love, compassion, and creativity. Pink Sapphire is believed to enhance Libra's natural grace and charm, promoting balance and harmony in their relationships and interactions with others. It is also said to stimulate the imagination and inspire creativity, making it a great stone for Libra to wear when seeking inspiration and creative energy.

Birthstone For September

As the September birthstone, they also make popular autumn birthday gifts. Thanks to their durability, symbolism, and delicate color, pink sapphires are perfect for engagement rings and bridal jewelry.